Hostgator Review 2014 – Read Before Buying

hostgator logo Hostgator Review 2014   Read Before Buying

I remember being very nervous when purchasing my first hosting and domain. I was very afraid that I would pick the wrong hosting company so I was always researching what hosting companies most of the famous bloggers and website owner’s use.

That’s exactly how I discovered that Hostgator was the choice of almost all my blogging idols. I decided to give it a try and here I am 3 years later writing this Hostgator review. Looking backwards, it may be the best investment I’ve ever done in my life.

The only thing I regret about that purchase is that I never used a coupon code. I would have saved a lot of money in this 3 years period if I did. So in case you decide to roll with Hostgator don’t forget to use this coupon code below. It saves you 25% on the total price. 

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In this 3 years period I was lucky enough to build quite successful online businesses. By failing and trying again I learned a few things on the road and I accumulated enough experience to feel competitive enough to share my personal experience with Hostgator and provide you with some other helpful tips that I really needed at the time I was starting up.

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Hopefully the segments of this hostgator review will help you get a clear picture of what you’re buying. I listed below the things I think are cool about hostgator.

hostgator shared hosting plans Hostgator Review 2014   Read Before Buying

1.  The Price

Hostgator offers many great personal, business and reseller packages for a ridiculously cheap price. I have unlimited domain registration, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email addresses for around $60 a year.  And I can host as many sites as I want by adding new domains in few seconds. Other sites usually charge you more and you don’t get that big of a cake piece for the money.

2. The Fastest 24/7 Support Ever

The hostgator support is unbelievable. I had allot of experience with the phone support at the beginning and I can truly tell that this guys are good.  They guide me on the phone step by step whenever I had a problem. They’re always answering fast and stick to you until you need to get a job done.

The chat support is actually not so great when it comes to advance issues. I found them being not so competitive on many technical aspects.

3. Loading Time and Hosting Stability

I almost forgot even mentioning hosting stability because I never had my server crashing or slowing down.  Not once! The speed of the upload and download is also the best and it’s mostly the reason that pushed me to write this hostgator review. A baby package from hostgator provides the same speed performances as the other business packages that cost more.

Confronted to GoDaddy, Hostgator is winning on loading speed time. This is what makes most people deciding to go with Hostgator rather than Godaddy.

4. An Overview of the cPanel

The Hostgator cPanel has a beautiful interface and it’s so easy to use. I can install WordPress or any other CM software from my cPanel in few seconds and have my sites running right after the WordPress installation.

It’s also very easy to create new email addresses, menage or add new domains, subdomains, create new ftp’s and many other things. Their traffic analysis platform is also great and provides you with very detailed reports.

5. The Experience

I always have that warm feeling when I’m on the hostgator website. It gives me an idea that managing hosting isn’t just for webmasters or experts but for simple people also.  They also offer great resources on starting a blog, free templates, plugins and allot of free software.

I hope you got an idea from this personal hostgator review about what you’re paying for and I hope you’re ready to join to millions of professional bloggers who made the hostgator choice.

Thanks for reading this review! I really wish you all the good luck, hard work and dedication. You’re about to join a community that will always support you on your journey. Feel free to contact me about any further questions.



If you used my coupon code to sign up I can’t thank you enough! Your support means the world to me.

Learn how to set up your hosting account and domain and how to install WordPress.

In case you need some more different types of coupon codes here is the list of the hostgator coupons for 2014. Bee free to grab any kind of coupon you need.


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  • HostGator is the leading and best web hosting company in the industry. I’ve many sites running on HostGator and I’m very satisfied with their service.

  • Max

    Another Hostgator customer here, highly satisfied with their service.

  • srikanth

    hostgator is the best among hosting services i used so far.

  • Chris Host

    I’ve used hostgator since 2006 and in that time have tried at least 10 other hosting companies from small plans to dedicated servers. Hostgator, still, to this day have the best support and uptime of all the hosting companies I’ve used. Their reseller plans aren’t the cheapest, but one day of downtime is enough to cost you a years worth of hosting fees right? Pay the extra and you’ll sleep better at night ;)

  • I am also a fan of Hostgator. I am using it for my sites since last 4 years.

  • Even i HAVE started using hostgaor from last month. It provide great customer support.

  • Money Arora

    Hostgator is currently one of the most amazing hosting ever. Simply Hostgator Rocks
    The only problem with hostgator is with bandwidth sites are getting ddosed every day but we can still use cloudflare so its good. Now about features hostgator provides cpanel with softaculous which comes with hundred’s of scripts autoinstaller. I am Hostgator customer from last 2 years and simply this is awesome. It has almost 98% uptime. So once again i would say HostGator Rocks.

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  • Steve

    I agree! Hostgator is cheap and reliable! Up and running for 3 months straight!

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  • I have never used hostgator before . Could you say it is better than GoDaddy and would you recommend changing to it from GoDaddy? Haven’t had issues with GoDaddy as of yet though.

  • Godaddy or Hostgator? Which one has fast loading service?

  • I would congratulate the web master for the perfect and accurate review on hostgator and would like to add 3 features which i like the most which no other provider gives you:
    1) 24/7 support of all kinds
    2) Email and chat support in resolving technician issues(Any)
    3) Instant response to the query or the ticket..
    4) 100% secured shared hosting is only provided by hostgator..

    I being a web master would recommend only hostgator and no other. Had very bad problems with godaddy.. Would never recommend that to any one.

  • I have been using blue host for some time. I intend to shift to Hostgator.

  • Thanx for sharing the review on hostgator..
    Hostgator is one of the best webhosting providing company in the market…

  • Fast support??? Are you sure??? My website is down for 6 hours .. I provided them my IP so that they can give me access, but still no response.. Chat doesn’t help, tell me to wait for ticket.. Phone? Waited 10 minutes on the line and quit..

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