Interested In Starting An Online Business But Don’t Know Where to Start?

start an online business


I met a very interesting person couple of weeks ago and after I told him about what I was doing for living he got very interested and couple of days after we first meet he called me and told me that he was willing to start his own blog and give this type of business a chance.

We meet again couple of days after that call so that I can teach him some of the basics of blogging. I was actually trilled that he instantly saw the benefits from this job and I was really willing to help.

I started explaining him the basics and after couple of minutes a got into SEO, affiliate marketing, content marketing, list building and then he finally said STOP. It seems that all this new information was a little hard to swallow for a just born baby boy.

He was a complete newbie and he just couldn’t clearly understand what I was talking about so he asked a very smart and simple question; Where do I start? This question got me thinking of my own start up and as I was trying to remember how it happened for me I started thinking about a second question; Why I started? I started to think about what really got me motivated to start something that I never knew anything about.

It all begins when i meet Slavko and when he told me about a blog that he had and about the possibility to drive traffic from Google. I always thought about having a blog about something but I never knew that there’s a way to rank high in Google and get thousands of visitors on a monthly basis. This idea triggered something big inside my head but for some reasons I was still scared to give it a try.

Since I was a professional photographer at the time I stared a blog anyway and couple of weeks later I had a nice looking photography blog with couple of “how to” articles. I remember being very disappointed when couple of weeks later I saw the number “0” on my WordPress site stats for the entire week and I felt incompetent so I decided to quit.

Couple of months later I accidentally checked my Facebook messages and I realized that Slavko has send me couple of articles related to blogging that I never read. I think I felt kinda bored at doing nothing so I decided to read some of the stuff.

Article after article I was hearing this great success stories from all kinds of online entrepreneurs and after couple of days of reading almost every article he send me something magical happened; I started believing.

It was like I was surrounded with all this successful entrepreneurs that were repeatedly telling me that anybody can do it and all it takes is some proper training and education. I realized than that every problem had a solution and that my previous blogging failure was all because I wasn’t educated enough for the goals I had.

I took a new approach to blogging and I started a blog that today is earning over $4000 every month only from affiliate marketing. My life totally change after that second try and I can’t be more thankful for the lesson I learned:

“The only reason for failure is not being educated enough to deal with the obstacles on the way of accomplishing our goals.”

I repeat this phrase over and over in my head and every time when I have a problem I always educate myself on coming up with the proper solution.

So, if you still don’t know where to start I hope this story made it clear enough that reading other people’s stories is the first step needed to enter into the proper mind set. Once you’re there and you start to believe, the rest is just integrity. So my honest advice for you is to get a web hosting ¬†and start building your future starting today. Hostgator is a very safe place for your website. on Malx you can learn how to start your blog in few easy steps.




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